The Bus Owner

The Bus Owner

Daniel Blum

Daniel Blum is an ex-athlete, entrepreneur, poker player, pedantic, and eternal optimizer. He hails from sunny South Florida where his upbringing had him swinging between the vines of a plethora of hobbies on a regular basis. He graduated University of Florida with a degree in Food & Resource Economics. Award winning at nothing and above average at everything, Daniel is a risk taker and constantly challenging the status quo. He believes that boundaries are meant to be pushed, redefined and then shared.

You can find him in Miami incubating businesses and playing online poker whilst pondering life's non-trivial aspects of anthropology, evolution, futurism, nutrition and logistics.

The Bus Driver

The Bus Driver

Brandon Reese

Find a picture of free-spirited in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of Brandon in the example. Never afraid to take it there even though he will has no idea how he got there. On a never ending quest for peak optimization of the human experience. Brandon is an avid human enthusiast and doesn't see himself changing teams unless the robots let him adopt robot ears.

Former collegiate and professional basketball player, who finds comforts and confusion in science, space, fitness, humans, and travel.



Isaac Carreno

Isaac is the most extroverted introvert you'll ever meet. He's either holding his phone, his camera, or a cup of coffee at any given moment. Left his home in the US to pursue his dream of traveling the world. He loves creating photography and video content while having fun at the same time. He is the one in charge of making sure every crazy adventured we get into is documented so that we can share with all the Bus Riders. 

You can follow my photography page on Instagram at lsaac.jpeg


Patrick Seymour

Patrick Seymour is a 24 year old, born in raised in the Los Angeles area. He is a self-proclaimed hallucinogen sommilier, and has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. An experienced solo-traveler, he’s experienced firsthand cultures all around the world. He also has a lifelong experience in the Audio-Visual world and specializes in using eclectic media to paint narratives.

Prior to joining the On the Bus Team, you could find him always at the beach, or somewhere promoting an anti-establishment lifestyle.  A right brain supernova, he's joined the team as the creative director. Fearless in every pursuit, he also brings west coast attitudes and an outside take on experiences. He also helps protect children from Isaac.