What if the NBA Got Rid of the Trade Deadline?

I think we can all agree that deadlines, in general, are terrible. Nobody gets jazzed up about rushing to work on something because somebody else is telling you to. A quick Mt. Rushmore of worst deadlines would be Tax Day, terminal illnesses, significant other's birthday presents, and the Mile Run minimum requirement of 12 minutes for the Elementary School Presidential Physical Fitness Test which I never even came close to accomplishing. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever even finished the mile, which goes to show you what a stupid test it is. I didn't see any of the bums in Mrs. Gresh's 2001 PE Class draining three's at Duke (down 30 points) telling the Cameron Crazies to go fuck themselves. Anyway, you get the point, deadlines can go pound sand.

One exception, however, would be Sport's Trade Deadlines, specifically the NBA, since the NFL doesn't really make trades and nobody gives a shit about baseball.

There's an energy surrounding the NBA Trade Deadline, which falls a week or two earlier than usual this year. Now is the time for teams like the Rockets or Celtics to position themselves for a championship run, a team like the Pelicans to ensure a playoff spot, or somebody like the Cav's to set their future on fire.

But what if the NBA got rid of the deadline altogether? What if teams could make trades for players whose offseason has already begun because of something like an injury in the playoffs. Toss aside the fact that this will never happen and pretend with me. It could actually help level the playing field. If teams sitting at home could trade during the playoffs, they would have an advantage over the team's spending time game planning for their Conference Semifinal matchup. Some team like Orlando, who hasn't done anything worth note in a decade, could deal Aaron Gordon last minute for way more than he's worth and is all the sudden back has a future again.

Or perhaps it wouldn't change much. Maybe a flood of trades wouldn't happen, but that doesn't mean there wouldn't be some entertainment. Every year, one of the many not-so-competent GM's in the league would get desperate and make a ridiculous offer for somebody that likely doesn't help their situation at all.

Imagine next year, with twelve games to go, the Sacramento King's are three games out of the Eight seed (I know what you're thinking, that's too ridiculous of a hypothetical the King's will never see the playoffs again! but hang in there). DeAaron Fox, who only moves at 20 mph and is basically the living embodiment of the Bus from Speed, is creating shots for everyone, except they're the Kings, so everyone shooting STINKS at basketball. Rumors begin to circulate. Vivek (King's GM and All-Time Idiot) is looking to add a 3&D Wing to compete with the Warriors in the First Round. All the keyboard-karate-heavyweight-blackbelt's in their mom's basement (NBA Twitter) sit on the edge of their crusty office chairs covered in a layer of sweat with dirty dishes all around their "home office", waiting for who Sacramento targets. 

Woj tweets: Sacramento Kings trade 2020, 2022, & 2024 unprotected 1st round picks to the Nets for....


Sauce Castillo.




True love is beautiful. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a man smitten with another man. Did you see the way his eyes sparkled when he said "Stauskus"?! If I could figure out how to turn on the captions, it would 100% read like this:

VivekFor me it's Stauskus:)....Stauskus:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Laugh all you want. Vivek said he heard a rumor prophecy that Sauce Castillo can shoot 91/100 from three, and that sounds like a winning recipe to me.

Kings stay Kings.

Death to the Deadline.

Happy Friday short Bus Riders.


Colby Wohlleb

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