Half-Baked Take: Roger Goodell vs. Adam Silver

Sometimes, and in this case "sometimes" directly refers to the last hour I've sat in this piece of shit Amazon Prime suggested office chair (now rotating stool) that snapped in half the first time I leaned back, I have an idea, I start a blog, and zero words come out. It's like whiskey dick for a writer. To counter, I sometimes play a little word association, or to keep up with the metaphor, I word fluff. Join me.

Roger Goodell: Ray Rice / Adam Silver: Isaiah Austin

Roger Goodell: Towering Tyrant / Adam Silver: Nerdy Leader

Roger Goodell: Kaepernick Saga / Adam Silver: Donald Sterling Ban

Ok my brain's back. 

I'm not going to take anybody by surprise when I say that Silver is the better commissioner, it's true, and it hasn't been hard to do.

The NBA is the NFL's little brother, and just like any smart little brother, the NBA watches the NFL completely screw up, and then just does the opposite. One time, my older brother got caught sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night, and I remember looking at my brother in complete shame while my parents discussed the issue at the dinner table. I wasn't ashamed because he snuck out for (hopefully) some booty, that was inspirational, I was ashamed in the mistakes he made. This nincompoop left a pair of shoes in the bushes outside of his window. Decent idea to leave the shoes and avoid dirt in the house BUT GO RETRIEVE THEM AFTERWARDS. The other mistake? He backed his car into the driveway earlier that night, which I like to believe was a strategy to avoid headlights in the front windows upon exit, but parked normally when he came back. I learned from him and enjoyed trouble-free, ninja-like sneak out's from the ages of 14 to 18. 

Similarly, the NBA seems to profit off the NFL's mistakes.

While Roger Goodell seemingly long-con-slow-death murders NFL player's with Thursday Night Football for the TV money, Adam Silver extended the NBA season and cut down on back-to-back's. 

Not everything Silver decides is in response to an NFL Blunder, fans and players are encouraged to make their voices heard because positive change has stemmed from it. Complaint's about a power struggle between the East & West have resulted in discussions about playoff restructuring from Top-8 of each conference to the Top-16 teams in the league. That's just one example amongst many, while the best example I have from the NFL is allowing celebration's, a totally inconsequential decision.

Without diving into it, the NFL has a serious prescription pill problem with current and retired players. Instead of looking out for the well-being of the players whose talent got him his gaudy $40 MILLION contract, he looks right into the camera and say's his individually chosen researchers indicate marijuana has no medical benefits for players, and says, "it may not be healthy for the players long-term". It MAY not be healthy long-term. 

Hey Roger, you know what is definitely not healthy in the long-term?

Prescription Pills!!!!!!

Who else has been wondering when we can legally gamble on sports? The NBA is leading the charge into legalizing sports gambling. The NFL is completely on the sideline, according to Brian "No-Neck" Windhorst. He reported on the Lowe Post podcast yesterday that the NBA's vision is they want the bettor's to be able to use their smartphones as opposed to going to casino or betting window. They know that mean's NBA fans will be able to bet live during games while at games. 

This is what is so mind-boggling to me. I sit here and crown Adam Silver a "genius" but when I look at his decisions, he is simply listening to his Player's Association and Fanbase. 

Anyway, I don't think the NBA ratings will ever climb to the level of the current NFL ratings, but if Roger continues to do Roger things, Silver keeps his competency above the low benchmark his counterpart has set, and CTE Research (I've just slammed Roger for 600 words and I only just mentioned his biggest enemy, concussions), I don't think it's impossible to imagine a world where the NBA is America's League.


Colby Wohlleb

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