Brandon Steiner - On Sports Today, NFL’s Problems and Providing Value to Others #084

What has changed about sports over the years and how could we do a better job?

Brandon Steiner @BrandonSteiner - Founder and CEO of Steiner Sports joins us on the bus to talk to us about that!

From the impact that the big Yankee game had on New York last week, to sharing stories on how he helped players as an entrepreneur - Steiner shows us why he’s such a powerful voice to listen to in the sports space.

In this episode we talk about:

  • College Sports - What they really are and what should colleges do to improve them.

  • What coaches should aim for and what their real role is on a team.

  • Entrepreneurs - What Steiner did to start out and his personal business advice.

  • The importance of losing to be able to bring in the big wins.

  • The problems Steiner sees in the NFL and MLB as a whole.

  • And more!

Enjoy the ride!

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Steiner Sports

People and Content Mentioned

Coach Dabo Swinney

Steiner’s 99 Problems article

New defensive rules in the NFL

Bull Durham Movie

Time Stamps:

00:00 How did Steiner view last night’s Yankee game? And why was it so good.

02:01 What’s bringing the sports game’s quality down?

03:00 College Sports - What makes them a huge money-grab.

05:31 What should colleges be doing to incentivize student-athletes into them more?

08:00 The 4 hour ride rule - Where great coaches stay to find great players.

10:44 What pissed off Steiner about what Coach Dabo Swinney said to his quarterback. And what a Coach’s job truly is. What is Redshirt?

14:45 How do we teach coaches to do a better job and what has to change?

17:36 Why should Coaches truly care about their players.

20:03 What Steiner tried doing when he just started out.

21:27 What was the craziest thing Steiner had to get a player to seal a deal.

22:55 Steiner gives first date advice.

24:06 What an entrepreneur needs to do to provide value. What Steiner does to do just that.

30:44 Don’t Be S.O.S - What should Entrepreneurs do to remove themselves from a product they like that’s not working.

33:04 How losing is a huge part that goes into winning.

36:15 What losing can do to you.

41:37 The joy that comes with helping others without expecting something back.

43:19 Steiner on Sports gambling and how it impacts the sports space. Steiner’s 99 Problems article.

44:50 Why Steiner is worried about the state of the NFL, it’s players and it’s questionable aspects. Here are the newest defensive rules Daniel was talking about.

48:53 On Baseball - How baseball is losing traction, Steiner’s explanation on the why and testing drug levels in the players.

51:24 The Steroid Era - Steiner’s perspective during those years.

56:10 Don’t Jay walk - Steiner on the new kind of conversations that parents need to have with their kids.

1:02:13 The impact that games are having on kids. How the world has changed and what kids are doing now vs. what they’re missing out on.

1:10:19 What is Steiner’s favorite baseball movie of all time? Bull Durham

1:10:40 What era and what sport would Steiner love to play in?