Dekunle Somade & John Hammond - On The Value Of Content, Your Attitude And Never Stopping #085

Where can you find the drive to improve everyday? And how can you apply that in everything you do?

Comedian Dekunle Somade @Dekunle & Producer John Hammond @johnconnorhammond are on the bus this week to show us how!

In this episode we talk about:

  • The current state of content on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Netflix.

  • Dekunle and John’s origins - how they got started and where it has lead them today.

  • The importance of starting something new and being consistent with it.

  • Why there’s such a remarkably high demand for content and why it keeps growing.

  • And more!

Enjoy the ride!

Guest Links:

Dekunle Instagram

Dekunle Twitter

John Hammond Instagram

People and Content Mentioned:

Dekunle’s first film - Napkins

Dekunle wants to die

Crash (2004)

Django Unchained

12 Years a Slave

Yes Man

Paul Dano

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse

Black Panther

Time Stamps:

02:32 What have Brandon and Daniel been working on lately?

04:35 How Dekunle met John. Their 10 episode web-series Dekunle wants to die. Also Paul Dano.

08:34 Dekunle ponders on the craziness of all the ways we meet people. The philosophy of Yes Man.

09:50 How long has Dekunle been doing comedy?

10:45 How did John get his start?

12:23 How Dekunle shot his first film, Napkins.

15:15 Dekunle shares his favorite piece of advice he’s ever heard. How it helps people and why you can do anything you want.

19:08 Why a lack of decisions freezes you. And Dakunle’s thoughts on talent.

24:39 Is there such a thing as bad content? And what makes good content? Examples mentioned are Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse and Black Panther

27:50 On smoking and vaping. And why Juuls are unmanly.

30:47 From where in the world do people listen to On The Bus?

32:33 Is there too much content? Brandon on the amount of demand.

33:34 Dekunle on what you can bring to the table. What’s your perspective and highlighting what makes you unique.

35:20 John’s perspective on how the demand of content pushes forward bad content.

36:41 Can an incredible story make up for low production value?

37:56 Why brand is everything and how it’s not about the company anymore.

39:30 How curation will become a huge industry in the future. A talk on Youtube vs. Vimeo.

43:10 How consistency is tied into our psychology and how it’s important for content.

50:46 What Dekunle loves about practicing stand up.