Traveling Advice for Entrepreneurs, Culture Shock and Connecting with Locals #077

A lot goes into planning any trip abroad, whether you're an entrepreneur, lifelong nomad, or weekend travel warrior. Now imagine planning a 10-month bus trip through South America. How much planning goes into a trip like that? How do you get over the language barrier? And how do you connect with people in an easy way?

This episode of the On The Bus Podcast is a sit down with the Bus Driver @thenomadicbusdriver and Bus Owner @dtotheblum themselves, talking about Nomadism and travel as an entrepreneur.

We Share Advice On:

  • Traveling

  • How to research and plan for trips

  • How to find incredible obscure places to visit

  • How to create a connection with people - language barrier included

  • Our experience with Culture Shock

  • What it was like to return home after being away for 10 months

  • How to re-adjust back into society after long trips

  • Apps we recommend for your travels

  • And more!

So if you’re planning on traveling to a far away place soon, this episode will be a real treat.

Enjoy the ride!

Show Notes:

[00:20] Why we’re in New York together and what big projects we have coming up

[03:36] What we do to research locations we’ll go to and how to find the most obscure yet unforgettable places.

[05:19] Brandon loves looking up trends in the area and also gives a few tips on maps when traveling.

[07:55] How much language should you know before you travel?

[09:47] Why you need a fixer when you travel - people who can help you on your trip.

[11:39] The one question Brandon always asks locals to create a connection.

[12:41] What Brandon has learned from the podcast on storytelling and perspective.

[15:08] Learning culture from other people’s eyes - What connection feels like.

[16:16] The value of being open with your options and giving yourself that small freedom to explore.

[17:30] The importance of having a framework when traveling.

[19:35] Brandon’s favorite 2 questions to ask people to get to the heart of who they are.

[21:52] Daniel’s simple approach to asking great questions.

[23:26] Topic Change: What happens when you come back from a long trip.

[24:43] What Culture shock feels like, both on the road and when you come back home.

[26:17] Why it helps to treat coming home as another trip, at least for the first few days.

[27:02] Why you have to be open to the return-trip and even when you come back home.

[29:29] Daniel’s experience with coming back - rekindling relationships, dealing with how he changed and resettling back in america.

[31:15] What is society’s obsession with home’s? A tribal cave-dwelling history summary.

[33:30] Cool little app that Brandon found called Task Rabbit and how he used it.

[35:42] What kind of jobs can you expect to do with the TaskRabbit app?

[37:10] Why coffee shops are the new offices for nomad’s.

[38:10] What makes the finance world not kind to the entrepreneur life?

[40:25] The social pressure that pops up from family and friends when you come back from a long trip.

[41:05] The technology conundrum that gives us both more time and makes us more ambitious.

[41:33] The whole new era of self-discipline and the troubles of a good work-home ethic that come with working for yourself.

[42:52] What are some nice tips and tricks to beating jet lag next time you go on a trip?

[44:50] Top 3 recommended apps worth downloading for your next big trip.

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