Brandon Reese & Daniel Blum - Why Human Experiences Matter - #087

What makes our own human experiences matter?

The way we see the world and go through life depends completely on those experiences. Life is built from them. And On The Bus, those experiences never end. Join your favorite bus hosts, Daniel and Brandon, in their back and forth on what living means to them. How experiences can define you. And learn about their own philosophies, perspectives and complete outlook on the world. We guarantee there's something new you'll pick up on the way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Brandon and Daniel perceive the world - from questioning the very concept of time to how we're living in other people's once thought up plans turned reality.

  • The most captivating parts of the first seasons of Game Of Thrones and what they've picked up from rewatching them recently.

  • The weird phenomena that globalization has caused when uniting completely different cultures from opposing ends of the moral spectrum.

  • The kinds of unique human experiences that you can only find in VR

  • Entrepreneurial advice on setting boundaries, getting out there and understanding your value.

  • The dangers that come from social media and making things look too easy.

  • And much, much more.

Enjoy the ride!

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People and Content Mentioned

Rick and Morty

Game of Thrones

Mike Rowe’s podcast

Brandon Carter

How important human, living and experiencing things matters. How the guys go through life, sharing their philosophies and understanding others. How they see the world. Your perspective.

Time Stamps:

01:13 What this episode is about.

02:08 Will Rick and Morty ever be the same again? And what’s gone wrong with GOT?

04:42 Brandon’s and Daniel’s favorite GOT characters.

05:20 What’s so great about the first 5 GOT seasons.

06:14 Brandon explains how exactly we’re always living in or consuming somebody’s else’s ideas.

08:17 The powerful look into how globalization is uniting cultures and the different edges of morality from around the world. And how humanity is evolving.

10:34 How Brandon experiences life, a take on his own philosophy and how people have been inspired by his actions.

13:35 Daniel on better understanding human beings and incredibly interesting studies about creating human experience through VR.

17:12 How you can miss out on experiences by trying to do too much.

18:26 What makes Mike Rowe’s podcast great and talking about an episode on Harvey Weinstein’s mom.

19:50 The story of the man who created lingerie, sold his business and ended in tragedy.

21:56 The importance of knowing your value.

23:13 Some advice on how to create your value.

25:36 On time - Is it a construct? Are we really bound by it? How can we “control” our time?

26:27 How social media hides the hard work needed to get where they are.

27:27 Talking about Brandon Carter and the dangers of making things look easy.

30:39 A talk on Keto, what changes it creates in your body and what it takes.

35:00 What we will be working on next!


10:46 We’re just living within inside someone’s else’s idea or concept.

21:33 Limit what your intentions are. Find what your intentions are.

21:46 Now if you want to do so many things, it takes away from the experience.

25:55 Know your value.

26:10 People don’t understand what their time is worth

31:10 You can make anything of your time that you want to if you put your mind to it.

32:43 I am a crazy person. And I think you should work hard.