#075 - Dr. Jeff Morris - Vaccinations, Simulations and the Evolution of Mankind

Today's guest is our good friend Doctor Jeff Morris, making his rounds back on the bus again for a third time!

In college, he became SSC men’s 2010 tennis player of the year. He garnered All-America honors in both singles and, along with his partner, in doubles.

Just to give you an idea of how good he is, at the time he ranked eighth as the best singles player in the nation.

And Jeff didn't stop there.

For the past few years, he's pivoted his efforts out of the court and into his work - In the dermoscopy and skin cancer research field, saving lives.

He's published several articles on the topic, pushing to improve the accuracy and early detection of skin cancers in patients.

He was also our first guest and a real funny guy to be around.

So hang on to your seat as we dive deep into conversations about the universe, vaccinations, simulations and aliens.

(Yes, aliens)

Enjoy the ride!


  • [1:35] Dr. Morris explains why there isn’t enough research into marihuana

  • [4:30] How Plagues have killed over 25% of humankind and once tried to wipe us out

  • [6:00] Our interconnection with the world and how bacteria evolve

  • [6:50] Here’s the dumb reason why Polio still exists

  • [7:45] Chicken Pox Parties were a thing

  • [9:02] STD Parties ARE a thing

  • [18:00] When would the simulation have started, if it existed?

  • [20:50] What should humankind focus on if we’re truly alone in the universe?

  • [21:32] The Dr on humankind’s advancement of earth and why we should do our best to not kill ourselves

  • [22:13] A quick breakdown of the Fermi Paradox

  • [24:09] Where’s the center of the universe?

  • [25:25] What’s the next step to evolution?

  • [27:56] Daniel on an important question about hugs

  • [29:55] Why Interstellar travel isn’t actually possible unless you’re frozen or a robot

  • [32:11] And now for today’s forecast: “The sun is expanding and will engulf us all”

  • [34:13] A quick history lesson on human’s recording of Time.

  • [37:30] Dr. Morris on appreciating women’s feet

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