Episode 059 - Bryan Shay - Livin High On The Bus

Livin out your best life seems easy in theory, but in practice it's MUCH much harder to do.

This episode features another visitor that joined us in South America for an extensive period On the Bus. Bryan Shay, also known as Live High Bry (@livehighbry), makes his triumphant return to the podcast as well. Bry spent the last 5 weeks traveling through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile with us. During his time he experienced the entire spectrum of physical and mental ups and downs, from 2 disheartening stuck-in-the-mud moments to the stunning Uyuni Salt flats. 

Bry is the owner over at Live High, a lifestyle brand focused on "inspiring you to do what you love."

They have 3 main principles

  1.  acting on the things that bring you excitement, happiness or joy
  2.  to follow your passion or excitement
  3.  to be completely engulfed in the moment doing something you love

Bryan also traveled across the continental United States, via bycicle with his younger brother. Along the way sharing stories of unique people he came across. Live High has been featured on News Outlets and Chris Ryan - Tangentially Speaking podcast.

In this episode, we go over the many different ways each of us live out our human experience. We share our opinions on monogamy and sex, love, and other passions. We look at assumptions and interpretations of those around us versus culture and self belief.  

Another deep yet comical ride on the bus!

Podcast Location: San Pedro de Atacama Desert, Chile

If you havnt' heard it yet, check out Episode 15 with Bryan Shay

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