#074 - Doctor Mike McKenzie - Everything You Don't Know About Marijuana

Doctor Mike McKenzie is a board-certified medical practitioner with a special interest in medical marijuana. He is also a certified medical marijuana physician in the state of Florida.  He is a wealth of knowledge on the history of medical marijuana ranging from politics and trials to studies and the legal framework at both federal and state levels.

In the state of Florida, medical marijuana physicians will supply patients with a medical marijuana recommendation in compliance with state law, that's why Doctor McKenzie cannot actually call himself a marijuana doctor. That doesn't stop him from doing all he can to learn and help people with this substance with incredible healing potential. 

Because marijuana is a schedule 1 (illegal because they have high abuse potential, no medical use, and severe safety concerns) there have been very little until recently studies and testing on humans. Dr. McKenzie shares some of his findings as well as industries taking advantqge of marijuans legality, like rehab centers looking to make money off the urine of their patience.

This podcast was recorded in Hallandale Beach, FL

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