Matthew Salsberg - The High Stakes Screenwriter - #088

What kind of work goes into writing a successful TV show from scratch? And how have streaming services like Netflix and Hulu changed the writing scene? This week’s guest is screenwriter (of the Showtime hits “Weeds” and “Kidding”) and 2013 WPT Poker player of the year, Matthew Salsberg.

Matt gives us a deep dive into what writing a show is really like. The successes, the failures and the rejection that comes with it. And how he’s used poker as a means to both escape from, and inspire, his writing.

We also delve into how streaming services have transformed screenwriting in the last decade, how its changed and what’s the state of the show-making culture today. This is a spectacular episode you won’t want to miss!

In this episode we talk about:

  • The making of his shows, Weeds and Kidding.

  • How Matt got into poker, and how the game transitioned seamlessly into his writing career.

  • The amount of rejection that goes into big projects creating shows and tv series.

  • The importance of having the right actors to bring characters to life.

  • What’s so hard about writing tv shows today?

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