Episode 035 - Megan Nager

Buckle up bus riders because the lane lines and guard rails couldn’t even keep the bus in one lane!

Megan Nager, @meganager, moved to Los Angeles in 2012, after she graduated with a BA and honors in English, Spanish and General Business from Washington University in St. Louis.

All of us have bared witness to what anyone and everyone having a camera looks like. Not only does it seem like everything can be recorded but the recordings that our captured are capturing personal content that has not normally been shared of captured before.

Megan decided to attempt the traditional route of entering the entertainment industry and moved to LA after graduation. Megan attended The American Academy of Dramatic Art's acting conservatory program. During her year at AADA, Megan began performing stand-up comedy at various comedy clubs throughout LA including The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory and the Hollywood Improv.

Megan continues to perform Stand-Up comedy throughout Los Angeles. She also has a growing Instagram and Youtube following, where she uses the platforms to parody Los Angeles’s “most obnoxious stereotypes” through sketch comedy.

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