Meir Kay - Gratitude, Kindness and Never Losing Sight of Who You Are - #081

Director, producer and viral content creator, Meir Kay (@MeirKay) joins the bus this week!

You may know him for his viral videos, like “A valuable lesson for a happier life” and “High Five New York”. Kay produces short films that spread positivity and emphasizes being kind to others.

You can check out his YouTube channel where he’s already garnered 191k subscribers.

Or check out his Facebook Page, where his content truly goes viral.

Probably the most energetic and grateful dude you could ever talk to, this episode is a real treat for understanding his process and how he sees the world.

So tune in this week as we talk about:

  • How Kay focuses on his work and avoids distractions.

  • The 2 minute rule and how it can reduce overwhelm in your week.

  • How people tend to lose sight of who they are.

  • How Kay finds ideas and produces his videos.

  • Spreading gratitude and kindness across communities and cultures.

  • How can we remove biases and filters we have over others.

  • What is Jewish Chabad and what are its philosophies.

  • How did Kay got involved with filmmaking and content.

  • And much, much more...

Enjoy the ride!






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