Travis Statham - All Meat and Zero Carbs. Why Go On A Carnivore Diet? #083

What’s it like to only eat meat? And how is this kind of diet helping thousands around the world?

Travis Statham @travis_statham, moderator of r/ZeroCarb, r/KetoScience and the World Carnivore Tribe facebook group is on the bus this week to tell us all about it!

In this episode we talk about:

  • What kind of benefits the carnivore diet brings to the table

  • The kinds of diseases these zero-carb cure

  • Go in-depth into the history and science of why they work

Enjoy the ride!

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Time Stamps:

  • 00:15 How long ago has zero-carb and keto science been around for?

  • 00:47 Shawn Backer and how he’s influenced the zero-carb diet.

  • 03:27 Rethinking what humans are and humans as facultative carnivores.

  • 05:08 How Zero-carb is technically a ketogenic diet and the non-importance of counting macros.

  • 07:00 What does it mean to be in Keto?

  • 08:51 How accurate is the blood prick to the pee test for measuring ketone levels.

  • 09:23 What do you need to do to jump right into the diet.

  • 18:30 Travis’ thoughts on “everybody’s bodies is different”.

  • 19:40 Evolutionary mismatch. The science of diabetes and how 92% of americans are overfat.

  • 23:20 What is lactic acid and why does it cause cancer? What Travis learned in The Metabolic Theory Of Cancer.

  • 28:05 The ethical side of only eating meat. The Cowspiracy and The Magic Pill. For the carnivore diet, read Not by Bread Alone. What’s it about?

  • 32:25 The 1928 experiment where 2 people only ate meat for a year and had perfect health.

  • 35:15 Allan Savory and holistic farming - how animals restore land.

  • 39:24 Lierre Keith - an ex-vegan who wants to restore the land from turning into giant deserts.

  • 41:49 Brandon’s experience going full Keto diet and who is the carnivore diet for. Any problems it could cause?

  • 46:50 Testing inflammation foods and how they pinpoint problem foods. Turning from vegan to carnivore.

  • 50:40 What kind of diseases would exist if we found beings from other worlds?

  • 52:50 John Lilly - the doctor who learned how to talk to dolphins?

  • 54:05 How Travis uses science to defend his stance on the ketogenic diet.

  • 55:56 How a lot of nutrition is because of economics. Travis explains how big food used organizations to lie to the public.

  • 59:00 Seed oils - What they are, their history and the problems they cause. Check out r/StopEatingSeedOils.

  • 1:06:52 Tucker Goodrich - blogger on health and how he deep dives into animal studies.

  • 1:08:10 ISEO - the trade company that Travis is researching for their involvement in nutrition science.

  • 1:10:00 Big Fat Surprise - includes a chapter on seed oils, the original science that produced the high saturated fat hypothesis that causes heart disease.

  • 1:11:15 The Case Against Sugar - 8/10 slaves in the new world are involved in sugarcane production.

  • 1:12:40 How a chapter in The Case Against Sugar explains how tobacco companies soaked all their tobacco leaves in sugar to make it more addictive.

  • 1:15:00 How third world countries are being sold cigarettes and junk food.

  • 1:19:01 How Travis became the mod of ketoscience.

  • 1:25:00 Don’t be a soyboy - How Soy can affect you.

  • 1:27:18 How to win a free trip to Argentina.

  • 1:31:12 How to get cheap and good beef from fast food restaurants.

  • 1:36:25 Chickens - Facts and what happened when everybody switched to white meat.

  • 1:38:28 How ketosis makes you eat less and the breakfast myth.

  • 1:39:15 The history of kellogg's.

  • 1:42:00 Konstantin Monastyrsky’s Fiber Menace - Is fiber good for us?

  • 1:46:36 Virta Health in San Francisco - Stephen Phinney’s The Art And Science Of Low Carb Living - Virta Health’s goal to lower diabetes and what they’re doing.

  • 1:50:50 The science behind plants and how their defenses may affect us.

  • 1:52:10 Sally Morton and Dr. Georgia Ede pushing for all meat.

  • 1:55:48 What types of diseases is keto great for?

  • 1:56:33 Talking about the author of Grain Brain and how people view him

  • 1:59:13 Why you should be on Reddit - Travis recommends groups and sites: World Carnivore Tribe, Zeroing on Health, Principia Carnivora and