Episode 013

Jonathan the Monk - Happiness in a World of Desires

The Consciousness Debate. To have clear cut discourse we must first answer the question, what is Consciousness?  But that’s where we often get stuck, leaving further questions such as; Do we have a soul? Is there free will? Does God Exist? Can the body exist without the mind?   

This is probably the hardest introduction to make for any guest we’ve had, simply because words do not do this conversation justice. Here’s my attempt

Our guest is none other than Hare Krishna Monk – Jonothan Foley. He is an incredibly well-spoken and cogent speaker with beliefs rooted in Hinduism. Without a doubt, his relationship with consciousness and existence will knock your socks off.  He is a twenty-two-year-old that lives directly in the Alachua Hare Krishna Temple in Gainesville, Florida. His time is dedicated to meditation and prayer, book distribution, and recruitment of new members (more on this later).

This verbally powerful and action packed episode shares his past life (as a misguided drug dealer) and describes how he embarked on his spiritual awakening. We talk about the role of the material world versus the spiritual world and Jonothan explains the misuse of free will. What about Love? He shares profound insight into true love and its battle-hardened cousin, lust. We were truly opened up by his controversial perspective. Jonothan also defines the position of desires and the soul within the body in relation to consciousness.

There is so much in this episode that writing here cannot do it justice. We do talk about the role of robots in consciousness and how the monks view artificial intelligence (our favorite).  And there is a surprise interaction to close the episode out. Whether you believe in God or not. We have no doubt each of you will take away something profoundly unique in this conversation

You can connect with Jonothan on Facebook @ Jonothan Foley and by email srimadbhagavatam247@gmail.com. You can find out more about the Hare Krishna Temple in Gainesville Florida HERE and to donate to their cause.