Episode 016

Storm McGowan - Acid, Salt, Fat and the Chef Collab

Michael McGowan a.k.a. Storm. is a young entrepreneur and classically trained chef in the culinary capital of New York City.

Storm graduated top of his class at one of the top culinary schools in New York. He has worked at famed Michelin star restaurants, is a co-founder of @gophercase, and has his own baking company with his fiance Bake Shop 314. All by the ripe age of 27 years old.

This is a very special episode to us as we tried something a little bit different to share with you guys.

We joined up with Storm and his fiance to each create an elaborate dish together one evening, and then met in the studio the next day to talk about the meals, everything from the food prep to the taste, techniques, and cooking mindset.

Besides the meals, we also talk about the highly competitive and cutthroat world that is food in NYC. Storm answers all the questions about sourcing great produce and teaches us some tricks for the gourmet kitchen. There is no shortage of nutrition talk for those millennials working on their diet. 

Get your knives ready (but keep them tucked in while on the bus). You're about to take a culinary journey.