Episode 017

Danny Perdeck - On the Growing CBD and Marijuana Industries

Danny Perdeck @dpglobal is the President of Green Roads World largest CBD Manufacturer in Florida. His business offers effective alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter drugs by way of creams, edibles, oils, and salves from natural ingredients of the cannabinoids. Basically, they are natural meds. 

Danny's entrepreneurial roots are seeded in the marijuana business. His first venture in the industry started with Hemp Wick, after which he pivoted his business towards CBD, and hasn't looked back since. Danny admits that throughout the process, he has personally grown as much as his business. He continues to learn about the medicinal benefits of the hemp and marijuana plant and also its psychoactive and therapeutic benefits on the body and mind. 

After Danny tutors us on CBD (including the political and social sphere) the tables are turned and the bus driver and bus owner tutor the CBD king on diet and nutrition. 

Also in this episode, Danny shares some success stories and we go over everything health and wellness from fats positive benefits on brain cognitions to other nootropics that can enhance daily and long-term cognitive function.