Episode 018

Joe Skipper - Crickets and Other Alternative Protein Sources

Sustainability. Sustainability. Sustainability. 

It's a topic that is on the tip of many tongues and debated across an array of industries, especially on buses.

The real question, though, one that we often forget to ask. What can I personally do, engender a sustainable planet?

This week's guest Joseph Skipper - who also goes by the nickname Cricket Guy - literally quit his job one day to farm Crickets. His reasoning? A deep inner yearning to farm coupled with a desire to create a viable impact on our planet. He is now owner of Seginus Farms @seginusfarms, first urban cricket farm in Florida devoted exclusively to raising human-grade entomological products

Joe recognized that crickets are a sustainable and healthy source of protein just now starting to be eaten in The United States. Outside of the U.S. crickets are eaten by billions of people as both a major source of protein and a delicacy. He wants to capitalize on a potentially huge growing market while also creating a positive environmental impact.

In this episode, we talk all things bugs. Heck, we even eat a few on air. Joe talks insect eating regulations, their diet, and his experience at the Insect Eating Convention in Detroit. Among other things - this conversation obviously becomes a great one about nutritional hacking. 

You can find out more @seginusfarms and you can also purchase the prized Moringa Cricket Power Mix (which we love and use) to make Cricket Brownies.