Episode 021

Tatum Skipper - How to be a Boss Ass Bitch and Travel the World

Tatum Skipper @bonvoyage_bitches is a travel blogger known for her unique and sassy writing style that utilizes offensive language, brutal honesty, and a perspective opposing what most in her industry blog about. This is why she is crushing it.

Hailing from Atlanta, Ga. She has won a trip to the French Alps, sky dove in Dubai, lived lavishly through Europe and just recently started building out her RV. She's been queened as a "Professional Partier" and shows people that you can travel the world however you want. 

There is something uniquely refreshing about someone willing to forgo the facade of perfection while traveling to bring you the no bullshit version. Let's face it, no trip on the road goes as planned. So Tatum is building her BonVoyage Bitches brand through honesty and leaving bad reviews (just kidding - but she will blog about it). 

This episode becomes a montage on how to be different in the travel world. We discover how she uses blogging groups and optimization to grow her following and her biggest trick (Hint Hint: Pinterest). What a wild adventure this really was. 

You can find Tatum's blog at bonvoyagebitches.com where she writes about places that don't suck and has a segment we love called The Confessional; where you can read about and share crazy, embarrassing, disgusting and just down right dirty horror stories that have happened while traveling.