Episode 022

Grizzly and Taco - Gloving Competitions and the Rise of Flow Art

Roberto Leon (aka Grizzly) & Yume aka Taco (with EmazingLights) are top-level competitors in the Gloving (or Finger XYZ) community. 

Gloving is a flow art - a term used to describe movement-based disciplines such as dancing, juggling, and hooping. The goal is to achieve a present-awareness state know as Flow

Coinciding with the rapid growth in E-Sports and other alternative sports arenas competitions, Gloving has reached new competitive heights with competitors building crews, communities, and even brands. 

Grizzly (Art in Motion crew) and Taco are in town for the Battle of Florida competition during Miami Music Week (mmw) and the Winter Music Conference (wmc). Griz is a favorite to win but must go through Taco in the first round. 

This is hands down one of our favorite episodes we've ever done. After learning the technical aspects and scoring of the gloving competitions, we discuss how they prepare to compete (similar techniques to many professional athletes). This episode also talks about the Insomniac banning of gloves from music events helped fuel this form of art and they teach us some basic hand stretches and hand strengthening techniques. 

We recorded this podcast live. If you want to see the youtube video and a quick tutorial on some of the basics of gloving (or advanced moves like the finger roll) - check the video here.

Looking for another episode about flow? When we talked with drummer Troy Wiggins from Roots of Rebellion, and the conversation was intrinsically about music and hand flow with drumsticks.