Episode 024

Shane Mauss – Openness, Psychedelics, and Questioning Everythin

Shane Mauss is both a stand-up comedian from rural Wisconsin and a connector. He’s breaking social barriers by bridging the gap between the inner psyche and who we are as human beings. 

"My default is that I am always questioning everything”

Shane has been featured on Comedy Central PresentsConan, and Jimmy Kimmel. He has a Netflix special titled ‘Mating Season and a comedy album titled My Big Break, which spent time at #1 on comedy Itunes charts, and which he wrote after breaking both feet. Shane is also the host of the Here We Are Podcast, in which he interviews experts in science and academics to decipher the human experience. 

He’s currently embarking on his A Good Trip - A Psychedelic Comedy Tour. In fact, we reached out to Shane because we found his show to be the funniest stand-up we've seen in years... and as psychonauts, directly and perfectly relatable on all fronts. The reason he came up for the tour is just as interesting as the tour itself, and he divulged this in the conversation.

This episodes' first portion plunges deep into the relationship between psychedelics and humanity. We explore Shane's personal experiences (hint: he's not your DMT guru) and their effect on society, as well as augmenting experience through nootropics and biohacking.

The show becomes a thoughtful exploration of openness through many sources (delics, meditation, youth) and fearfulness - and connects how we can utilize acceptance to finding many solutions. 

Please enjoy this conversation with fellow Psychonaut, Shane Mauss.