Episode 025

Jared Firestone - Sacrifice 

Jared Firestone,@jfireskeleton, is an ex-collegiate track athlete attempting to break into the ranks of the U.S. Skeleton and Bobsled teams.  He recently just returned from the U.S. Nationals and is currently preparing for training sessions with the Elite Development Group in Latvia and Norway.

Jared ran track at Tulane and after college, he wasn't willing to give up on his athletic dreams. After watching skeleton one T.V. one day, he took a leap of faith to jump-start his career. 

As with many of our guests, Jared has had to show extreme determination, risk, and sacrifice to make the impossible - possible. He has had to forgo his law career and has had difficulty finding a stable job that will support him while he trains. And beyond the potential for failure, skeleton is a dangerous sport. To Jared, the risk is worth the reward.

This episode explores the psyche of a strong-willed and determined young man not willing to accept mediocrity. We also talk skeleton training techniques, the potential of athletes as influencers in the 21st century, and intangibles of success. 

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