Episode 029

Diego Orlandini - Pocket Philosophy

Diego Orlandini is Chief Book Giver (aka CEO) of Aimful Coloring Books, a Wynwood Miami-based coloring book company. He is a writer, social entrepreneur, and pocket philosopher

What makes Diego unique is his willingness to forgo his true love of writing to dedicate his time resources and energy to a socially conscious business. For every coloring book his company sells, they donate a textbook in the developing world (ala the Toms Shoe's model). 

His story on how he became a coloring enthusiast (a form of dynamic meditation) sits perfectly with his personality. When he's not working to achieve this mission, he writes in his personal blog about love, the human experience, and his travels.

This conversation his highly philosophical. Some might say it's philosophical bullshit. We ponder social respect, creating legacy, universal knowledge and consciousness among other arcane topics.

Please enjoy this one

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