Episode 030

Mikela Warman - 20Something Perils Through Microinfluencers, Digital Trends, and the Saturated Media Market 

Mikela Warman is co-founder and VP of Brand Management at 20Something, a digital media hub, and lifestyle brand.

Millenials have long been touted as the entitled generation, but is that true? Are the generational lines blurred?

Mikela believes that 20somethings are just getting comfortable socially by way of sharing and social media interaction. They used to be scared of judgment, but as times change, they adapted and gained more self-awareness which caused self-growth. Through the forfeiture of privacy (Mikela sees this as a positive) we are seeing a side of other humans we didn't see before.

Mikela is a bright and fantastic speaker who has also worked as a writer. She prides herself in trying to maintain a neurtal stance which is difficult in a world of media and fake news.

This episode includes the hot topic of social Darwinism, and looks at digital trends in a fast paced future, owning your own ideas, micro influencers, and the saturated market of information. 

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