Episode 031

Lauren Sesselmann

Professional Soccer Player

Lauren Sesselmann @lsesselmann is a defender for the Canadian national soccer team and plays in the new NWSL (National Woman's Soccer League). She won a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics and a gold medal in the 2011 Pan-America Games at Guadalajara. 

Lauren is more than just a hard-working athlete. She is a fitness instructor (just releasing her second Fit as a Pro program), a mentor - focusing on helping younger girl athletes find success in sports, a growing influencer via social media, an actress, and TV host. 

Soccer is the most prolific sport around the world and reaching new heights in North America. But woman's soccer, though growing rapidly, is still stuck with a negative stigma in the quality of play. The bus and Lauren challenge this notion while exploring woman's sports science and injury recovery compared to men's (such as ACL tears are greater during menstrual cycles). 

This episode not only explores Lauren's injuries and experiences as a woman in sports, it also takes a look into her depression and coinciding new confidence and creativity as she approaches retirement. Lauren's passion is mentoring and we also talk about everything from racism and sexism to nutrition, dating, social media, acting, and her side projects. 

Lauren was one of the most fun people we've had in the studio thus far. She is intelligent, motivational, hard-working, insightful, funny, and has no problem pointing out the bus driver being in love. You're going to absolutely love this show. 

This episode we learned some of the same struggles we had from a previous Olympic hopeful, Jared Firestone. Take a look at his episode here if you'd like to listen to another sports topic.