Episode 034

Teague Egan@teagueegan is an entrepreneurial octopus, because he has his hands in 8 different places. He is CEO of 1st round Enterprises which has branches in athleticsmusic, and entertainment. At age 21, his label 1st Round Records released Sammy Adams debut album Boston’s Boy, which reached #1 on the iTunes hip-hop charts. At age 22 Teague became the youngest ever NFL Agent at 22 (his subsequent loss of license is a crazy story you won't want to miss). 

He is a managing partner and Investor at Innovation Factory, a VC firm. When it comes to future technologies, he is always trying to get his foot in the door. Teague completed the Executive Program in exponential technology including artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology at Singularity University. He is also behind the invention of Graphene Fibers.

However, he is more than a serial entrepreneur, he is also a serial philanthropist. On the show, we get deep into his giving history, with stories of picking up hitchhikers and helping kids across the country. He is Chief Kindness Spreader at Kindness305 which aims to cleverly incentive the core concept of kindness.

We were also joined on this episode by Saba the Monkeyhis Marmoset who was climbing everywhere and an overall joy to be around. He has an awesome Instagram account. 

This episode spans Teague's one of a kind life and entrepreneurial stories before moving into the depths of philanthropy and curating the ability to give back through kindness.

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