Episode 046

Since 2012, Latin American start-up culture has appeared from the shadows and is booming. Historically a risk-averse culture that tends to condemn failure, we must ask, why the sudden success? Enter Santiago Aparicio, a 28-year-old Colombian serial entrepreneur who naturally understands how to navigate behind-the-scenes at the highest levels. 

Santiago is Co-Founder and CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) of Fitpal - a monthly membership that gives you unlimited access to the best fitness studios and trainers in Colombia. On top of that, Fitpal - a phone app - is now considered the biggest "gym" in Latin America, without having a single building or piece of equipment. He was also Corporate Partnerships Director at Rappi - the UberEats of Colombia, except you can get ANYTHING delivered.

The London School of Economics & Political Science, where Santiago graduated with a degree in Advanced Econometrics, is one of the most prestigious Economics schools in the world. Santiago was failing at his University in Colombia, so how did he get into such a distinguished institution? The answer parallels perfectly with how to succeed in Colombian business. 

This episode peers deeply into the mindset that guides one of the up-and-coming entrepreneurial stars of Latin America. We tackle cultural differences in the new era of entrepreneurship and why the United States really does dictate business trends. Santiago is no holes barred and shares some of his stories and dealings with major corporations that you won't want to miss.