Episode 048

The Appalachian Trail winds 2,189.8 miles from Georgia to Maine and ascends 460,000+ feet over the course of the Trail, the equivalent of summiting Everest 16 times. There are 166,000 trail markers from beginning to end and it takes 250,000 volunteer hours to maintain every year. Thousands of people attempt to hike the entire Trail in one attempt, and that where’s today’s guest comes in.


Colby Wohlleb is a 27-year-old writer who just transplanted to Brooklyn to pursue a career in content creation. He is a former college basketball player, accountant, and manager of a youth basketball organization, Ball By Design. He also left everything behind and thru-hiked the trail over 190 days.


This episode dives into the motivation behind leaving your comfort zone, rolling with the punches, and figuring out a new path. Colby discusses what he’s working on, some of his writing processes, and talks about starting at the ground level of a brand new industry at 27 years old.


From falling head first off a fifteen-foot ledge in the middle of the night to African-style dancing around a fire at a hiker festival, Colby shares the experiences that make the Appalachian Trail the most famous hiking trail in the world, and also the most difficult.