Episode 049

Bitcoin, the financial word de jour. Is it an effervescent attack on established institutions, or a means for improving the way economic systems interact? There are a lot of common misconceptions about its application and usage; and even more questions about how it will disrupt systems worldwide. Whether you believe in it or not, there is no denying the impact already being felt in the financial sector.


But what about other industries and pockets of the world?


Que Elias Moreno Guerra and Bit Trading company. Bit Trading Company is an education course for teaching the best strategies to learn everything about cryptocurrency. Elias and his team are focused on empowering people to learn just how blockchain can progress their lives AND how to trade and make money.


Elias is more than a passionate trader (and speaker), he is a strong spirited man intended on spreading a technology that he believes will positively change the world, especially in Latin America. He believes the world deserves a currency that is private, safe, and cheap to interact with. With Colombia being a risk-averse nation - he challenges the local paradigm, not by spreading the potential value gained from trading, but through a message of community and emancipation.  


During this episode, we cover how LATAM (Latin America) has been responding and adapting to blockchain and cryptocurrency; from its governments to the layperson learning about these applications for the first time. Elias goes into detail about, how he has used bitcoin to make everyday purchases and the power it has bestowed upon to him, not just as a consumer but as a human being. It's not just bitcoin. Elias explains how the different types of coins seek to bring transparency to government and finance in Latin America. 


This episode was recorded and filmed in the studio on Our Bus in the city of Cali, Colombia. To see the video version, check out our youtube channel where you can see other podcasts, and follow our journey through South America; sharing conversations with other disrupters and early adopters such as Elias.