Episode 052

Although music is known for breaking barriers and merging communities the cost to learn and own musical equipment still prohibits many from recognizing their full musical potential. Quito is one prime example of this with the Statue of The Virgin Mary historically dividing north and south, rich and poor.

El Musican Project was founded, by Juan Carlos and Diego Mendez in order to break down these barriers and allow music to serve its true purpose. From offering scholarships to lower-income students to partnering with companies such as The Numa Project, which seeks to build low-cost musical equipment out of recyclable goods. This isn’t just a goodwill project these guys are looking to personally inject a stronger musical culture and. Community into not just Quito but all of Ecuador itself.

In the episode, we discuss everything from the historical aspects of music cultures from Ecuador and Latin America to socio-economic and cultural issues facing Ecuadorians today. 

This episode was recorded at IMPAQT hub in Quito, Ecuador. Not only did we sit down with Juan Carlos and Diego Mendez but we also sat down with one of their lead musicians JD Villacis.

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If you’d like to donate or find out more about El Musican Project you can check out the website here and their socials on Facebook and Instagram.

We recorded this episode in Quito, Ecuador at the IMAPQTO workspace.