Episode 055

Lima Lima, the city of dreams; on this weeks episode, we have Ernesto Carpio Tirado aka Plomo. Former soccer star turned magician who has found a way to merge his two passions. Through his futbol past, he connected with esteemed individuals in the space to the point in whch he now travels with the national team. He covers the squad as a show host for Movistar Deportes and unofficial team magician. 


We got a taste of both worlds with Plomo, discussing his futbol past and how his new found love of magic has kept him close to the game. 


You can find out more about Plomo on his website here. Here is a link to his TV show which is now in its 5th season!


You can see the Bus Stop with Plomo at our YouTube Channel


@plomomagic on Facebook and Instagram





This podcast was recorded on the bus in Lima, Peru.