Episode 057

Western Culture does its best at turning a blind eye to death. It's not a topic very often approached on a regular basis. While it's death is not a topic often broached, its there nonetheless. All of us will experience it, either ourselves, or among others, we care about. Instead of thinking about death negatively, the question arises, how can we use it as motivation?


Enter our good friend and professional Poker Player Darryl Fish. Besides being one of the best poker players in the world, Darryl is also a thought leader in the community. He is often found pondering communal aspects of life and working to bring people together. Just recently, however, his brother passed away in a car accident, leaving Darryl to consider another aspect of life, death.


In the death of his brother, Darryl found himself being strong for others around him, family and friends. He has become a passionate voice. However, he also has considered other related topics such as fear and our future selves. 


Darryl joined us On the Bus in Peru for 5 days. While difficult, the journey was eye-opening for him. It brought about fears he didn't realize existed and found himself determined to look them in the eye.  In this episode, we dive into a discussion on combating fear, death in many forms, and explore Darryl's thoughts and opinions on location independence and travel on the bus


This podcast was recorded on the bus in Chivay, Peru.