Episode 061

This is it! The road together has finally come to an end. However, with one road ends a new one begins and we are ready to head home and blow this Save The Deena Tour out of the water.


On this episode, we highlight some of our positives and negatives. The tools that helped us out the most and the things we wished we did more of to get more out of our day.


This trip wasn't just a vacation though. We launched a business, we ran a podcast and we incubated 3 individuals. If the list isn't long enough for you there is much more where that came from. Daniel and Brandon give you an insight of what it takes to do it all. Networking with guests on the ground and building relationships while up keeping a moving house. 


This one is chock full of content for anyone looking to overland, be a digital nomad or who is looking to make more of their every day.