Episode 062

Everyone we talk to back home has a similar interpretation of South America and that is poverty and cocaine.

Today's guest should and will blow all of your ideas and interpretations of South America.

Humberto Salinas and Annika Schüttler are the founders of Emprendo Verde, an initiative to support sustainable entrepreneurs in Latin America. Since their creation in 2011, they have become the first High Impact Sustainable Business Accelerator in Chile and the largest Sustainable Entrepreneurship Network in Latin America. EmprendoVerde is an initiative created by the Pipartner Group, a Chilean-German company dedicated to supporting and advising its clients in an integral manner in matters of development of new sustainable businesses.

We sat down with Humberto and Annika, partners at Pipartner and founders of Emprendo Verde, and they break down what it takes to launch a green company in Chile and LATAM. The many struggles of finding customers and markets to developing a community and creating incentives for the citizens and governments in LATAM to embrace sustainable and renewable businesses.

Big thanks to Humberto Salinas and Annika Schüttler you can connect with them on their Linkedin and their twitters here. 

Humberto Salinas: TwitterLinkedin

Annika Schüttler: Linkedin

Emprendo Verde: WebsiteTwitterFacebook