Episode 063

Most people every day don't drive a school bus for a living but they go to this thing called work. Over time the workspace has not seen many changes or evolutions. However, over the past few years, companies have pivoted to providing much more conducive workspaces for their employees. Removing cubicles, providing healthier food and snacks, nap pods and even placing beer kegs in the offices on Fridays. To some, this is a major push and for others, it seems like it just a way for employers to draw more work from their employees rather than care about their overall happiness. 

Our guest today Carlos Emilio founder of Juegate Labs a consultancy in design and development of gamification solutions, believes the former. You see Juegate labs is the startup that is hired out by my companies and corporations in Santiago in order to build a strong workplace for employees and employer by promoting learning and training through play with sense and action, focused on innovation, implementation, and impact. We, Max and I, your Bus Driver, actually take part in a game on air. Love those empathy cards.

To connect with Carlos and Juegate Labs you can click the links on Instagram and Facebook. Here is Carlos's Linkedin and Instagram.

This podcast was recorded at Launch Coworking Space in Santiago, Chile.