Episode 066

Author, actress, playwright and photo-based artist whose work explores themes of connection and sexuality within an urban dating culture. Originally from Australia, Kirra now lives and works in New York City. Since the viral success of her breakthrough project, Tinderella, Kirra was named ‘Young Creative Australian of the Year’ in the field of photography by Lost at E minor and has spoken on numerous occasions about dating in a digital world.

The List is essentially a game of Telephone that relies on hearsay. As the basic facts of an experience pass from person to person, the story evolves, taking the form of a legend and revealing a narrative that becomes fictitious in the retelling.

We talk about Kirra's project and her creative process. A native Australian, Kirra breaks down her inspiration for her projects from her first home as well as her new home in New York City.

You can connect with Kirra on her website as well as her Instagram @kirracheers

Kirra's next season of the show will be out this October so turn notifications to make sure you scoop your tickets. 

You can watch the episode live here.

This podcast was recorded in New York, New York.