Episode 091

Imagine you had to set up a marijuana business. How hard would it be, what would need to go into it and could state regulations ruin it?

Michael Hinden @privatestockveganics is CEO and Director of Cultivation of “Private Stock Veganics”, a cannabis distribution company based in California. Through organic and sustainable cultivation techniques, Michael and his team at Veganics provide incredibly high-quality consumables using the most natural techniques available. Our first talk with him on Botany, Buds and Education (#026) became one of our most top rated episodes to date, and for good reason too. His perspective and experience in everything marijuana related is always enthralling to hear. That’s why we’re excited to continue that conversation as he shares his experiences with running a legal cannabis business.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is his newest project, Private Stock Veterans, how it came to be and a BTS look into what it takes to get things regulated to start a business in this industry.

  • The barriers involved in opening a Cannabis business and how Michael dealt with them.

  • How distribution channels work and how they’re regulated.

  • The impact local and state governments have in the industry and why they’re important.

  • How Michael cultivates different types of cannabis and an explanation on the process used.

  • What different strains of Cannabis are there, how are they cultivated differently and which ones are out there.

  • How chemicals work in plants and the science behind their use to make unique concentrations.

  • The importance of microbiotics in all living creatures, debunking the fear in its use and how it revives soil life.

  • The relationship minerals and nutrients have with flavor and how they can be tested and then enhanced further.

Michael is a fountain of knowledge in everything this industry has to offer, as you’ll soon find out in this spectacular episode. Enjoy the ride!

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