Episode 078

This week’s guest is James Kirchick @jkirchick - James is a visiting fellow on Foreign Policy, in the Center on the United States and Europe and Project on International Order and Strategy at the Brookings Institution.

He is a frequent news correspondent, columnist for Tablet magazine, and writer for an array of news sources such as The Washington Post, POLITICO and the Los Angeles Times. Overseas, he's been published in Germany’s lead newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Britain’s Prospect and Italy’s Internazionale.

In his latest book: “The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age”, James gives an in-depth analysis of the state of Europe and the crisis it faces: Waves of migration causing tensions between Europeans and Muslim minorities, the Anti-Semitism that’s on the rise and Russia's imperial efforts to destabilize other countries.

James is also a leading global voice on gay politics and gay rights. He has taken a vocal stance against Russia’s anti-gay legislation. He has a enthralling view into politics and does not disappoint in this week’s episode.

So hop on in as we take you on a expedition through foreign policy, the EU, Europe, the current state of the U.S of A and the world.

Enjoy the ride!

Show Notes:

[03:42] What is the Brookings Institution? James Kirchick on Think Tanks.

[06:34] Kirchick’s own Think Tank - it’s Non-Partisan stance and what makes it different from others.

[07:52] What is James working on right now in foreign policy?

[05:14] How are transatlantic relations going between the U.S and other countries?

[05:51] Kirchick’s view on what presidents say and why they don’t always match up with government policies.

[08:40] Kirchick compares Trump’s views on transatlantic issues with past presidents.

[15:30] Why doesn’t Trump find value in the transatlantic alliance?

[19:40] James’ look on China, their global economic plan and their goal to dominate Asia.

[21:07] Kirchick on foreign allies, sharing values and the importance of the EU.

[25:42] Kirchick explains Russia - Economy, it’s declining power and the outcome of the Cold War.

[30:39] Why there’s a misconception on Democracy. What’s actually changing and what are the alternatives?

[35:11] Regionalism and nationalism trends. Why have they been popping up between countries lately?

[37:58] Immigration in Europe - What’s drawing so many people there and what challenges will Europe face in response to this?

[43:14] How would James deal with Europe’s challenges?

[45:36] A talk on Liberalism - It’s values, points of views and the right and left.

[53:52] How Trump’s opposition is losing by not being smart or empathetic with the people.

[1:01:23] A closer look into the Israel issue - the state, anti-islamism and the dispute of land.

[1:10:13] Should the U.S. influence other countries in such an impactful way?

[1:12:21] How WW2 has shaped the globe towards spreading peace for the last 80 years.

[1:13:46] If the U.S wasn’t the leading power world-wide, what alternatives would there be?

[1:17:56] How democracy views people VS. how authoritarian states view people.

[1:20:47] Kirchick on what we can do to help create good change in other countries.

[1:23:19] The things that make James feel less pessimistic about the current state of the country