Episode 086

Why is authenticity important in comedy? And how have events like the #MeToo movement changed the stand up scene?

This week, we welcome comedian and good friend - Megan Nager @nagertherager onto the bus!

In this hilarious episode with her, we talk about:

  • What makes something funny in stand up

  • The struggles of getting along in a globalized world (despite the cultural differences)

  • On meme culture

  • The importance of Authenticity in comedy

  • How culture has changed some of the stigma in the stand up scene

  • One of the most hilarious BDSM adventures we had while we were in South America.

  • And more!

Enjoy the ride!

Guest Links:




Megan-Nager.com (Website)

Meganmakescontent.com (Blog not out yet)



Megan’s new show Verified

People and Content Mentioned:

Big Mouth

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

American Meme documentary

Megan’s new show Verified

Time Stamps:

02:15 Discussing Magyn Kelly and her defense of black face.

05:20 Talking about past hookups. And talking about the Hormone Monster in Big Mouth.

07:54 Megan’s Sister - And how she was getting creepy texts from strangers about her.

09:18 Gen Zers and their memes - And talking about the Overtime Sports network.

13:05 What’s the thing with L.A? Megan talks about what makes LA special (And about coffee).

15:45 What it takes to be Vegan. The ideology and thoughts on it.

19:58 Failed thought experiment: What is Megan doing that is more right than what anybody else is doing?

21:10 Where did Megan and Brandon first meet? And when did comedy become a big part of Megan’s life?

23:42 Megan explains what makes something funny when you do Stand up.

24:30 Megan on one of her favorite shows: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the importance of authenticity in stand up.

26:44 Megan’s latest experience on Open-mic night. And about hooking up.

29:23 How have events like the #MeToo movement changed the stigma in the stand up scene.

30:14 What does Megan think has changed these past few years?

33:04 What makes it such a cultural problem. And what kind of issues this causes in society.

37:10 The clash between moral principles and highly-sexualized media distribution and where kids get their sex-ed from.

39:15 A discussion on the horrible things some guys say when they get rejected to hook-up.

43:13 Daniel tells one of the most hilarious BDSM stories you’ve ever heard while in South America.

49:03 A talk on an old Kevin Hart comment that got backlash. And exploring the controversy behind it.

52:02 Globalization and the struggles that come with uniting opposing cultures from different countries.

54:23 What’s impressive about multicultural people who are together, despite their opposing views. And what it takes to be in a long lasting marriage.

1:00:00 “Hey, tell a joke” - How to mess with people in small ways and also make friends.

1:05:02 Talking about Meme culture - And on the American Meme documentary on Netflix

1:07:03 What is Megan’s new show Verified about?

1:11:45 The Wrap up. Where you can check out Megan and how you can support us.