Episode 076

The time for “If it bleeds, it leads” is past. We need more news that informs, not just inflames. We need a public that demands less titillation from the 24-hour news cycle.

Buckle up everybody! Global thought leader, Paul Gibbons (@PaulGGibbons) takes the stage as our guest this week.

Paul is an author, speaker, and podcaster - known as one of the world's top gurus on business culture. His podcast Think Bigger Think Better 

explores how we can use science and reason to make better decisions in our lives as leaders. In Think Bigger Think Better, Paul meets with 

thought leaders, CEOs, and cabinet ministers from around the world to talk about the issues that matter most.

Paul's work as a business thought leader earned him Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts - whose members have included Dickens, Ben Franklin, and Steven Hawking. His talent consulting work, for Fortune-100 companies, has won numerous awards including a survey that ranked Paul as 14th in the world on business culture change.

Although Paul is European, he was educated in Wisconsin, and lives in Fort Collins Colorado with his two sons. He is a part-time poker pro, and former bridge and backgammon national champion.

Paul is currently working on his newest book, "Truth Wars" an in depth look at truth among modern science and fake news.

He has a no-bullshit style and is on of the most amazing human beings to have coffee with....

So hang on to your seats for it’s gonna get bumpy! Here's Paul Gibbons on democracy, critical thinking, society, debates and leadership.

Enjoy the ride!

Show Notes:

[4:24] Paul Gibbon’s Origins - How his parents raised him, his feats by age 18 and his internal struggles with depression and finding meaning.

[6:07] Paul’s time in wallstreet and how being a drug addict + alcoholic + winning millions = bad scenario.

[7:42] How bad was Paul’s alcoholism and how he functioned under it.

[8:42] Alcohol and your liver - How doctors measure liver disease.

[9:02] Paul goes into his transition from alcoholic and drug addict into author, organization management business leader and professor.

[9:26] Paul on how he brought spiritual meaning to business and leadership as the founder of his company and the companies he worked with, like Shell and BCBank.

[10:10] What a leader has to do to inspire the people around them and what Elon Musk and Trump have in common.

[10:57] How Hitler went from broke and unemployable to chancellor of Germany in only 14 years.

[11:40] What we could learn from what Trump does well.

[12:19] Paul’s ideas on how political views should be distributed and how it’s currently distributed in today’s age.

[13:32] A comparison between Political loyalty and Sports-team loyalty.

[13:50] Paul explains the biggest reason people on both ends of the spectrum aren’t able to have rational conversations.

[16:13] The controversial Christine Ford example - How people arbitrarily decide who’s right and wrong, even there’s no evidence to back any claims up.

[21:01] Paul’s views on what role propaganda play in the online and social media space.

[22:43] How Social Media companies steal user’s time by keeping them on 24-7 through dopamine surges.

[24:28] Paul on the Fake News argument and the importance of checks on power in democracy.

[26:38] Should checks on power be mandatory in huge corporations and industries? I.E. Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Oil.

[29:07] How our lack of education and unwillingness to learn gives corporations the edge to use psychology and marketing in their favor.

[29:28] Paul on critical thinking in school, it’s relationship with legitimacy of sources in scientific studies and what information should we trust.

[33:50] Paul and Daniel on the importance of conversations with people from opposite political viewpoints, the differences they share and yet the weird agreement they have on 90% of the big issues.

[37:15] What Paul loves about his friends flaming each other on his controversial posts and the dialogue it generates between them.

[41:18] What Daniel loves about Paul’s Think Bigger, Think Better podcast and what happens when you have such a vast diversity of guests on the show.

[43:22] How positive are Paul’s guests on certain topics?

[44:14] Paul talks about depression present in teens, how it’s misunderstood and what it felt like for him.

[45:01] What’s so great about Paul’s talk with Steve Hollon in his depression podcast episode and how it can help you or your loved one spot and understand it.

[45:17] Daniel’s experience with depression and what steps he took to cure it.

[46:28] How to teach people about critical thinking and where to find out more.

[48:40] Paul’s thoughts on Elon Musk’s idea for holding journalist’s accountable for all information they post on.

[52:23] Who is Paul’s favorite poker player and what’s so special about them.

[53:22] Paul’s thoughts on poker, it’s profitability and how it pays for his projects.

[55:38] Paul’s opinion on what project should humanity most focus on and something he’d be able to contribute to.