Max Sugerman

I would describe myself as a jack of all trades. I am a producer, director, musician, filmmaker, photographer, entrepreneur, EMS specialist, outdoorsman, and traveler. You've never seen someone embody the saying "go with the flow" more than me. I launched my first production company with some friends while we were still attending college, and we quickly grew our business into one of the most reputable recording/production studios in our local market. After school, I spent a few years working in digital film and tv distribution in Los Angeles before taking my talents to the mile high city where I worked as a freelance producer and director, combining documentary film making with online resources to create products for multiple major universities around the country. Last year, I took to the road for a few months, backpacking and shooting photos in Iceland and eventually meeting and traveling with Brandon for a few weeks in Israel, where the Deena seed was planted. After taking a year off from film to focus on launching my still photography brand, I'm back behind the video camera and utterly STOKED to be taking over some of our multimedia responsibilities while we are on the road. Follow my personal pages for even more content as we work our way South. 


IG: @meks_photo

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The past weeks have been pretty crazy- I quit my job in Los Angeles, packed up 2 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of shorts, 10 t-shirts and a jacket, and jumped on a plane to Costa Rica to find two guys I had met on the internet.  

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Growing up I was lucky enough to travel relatively extensively, and recently fell in love with the concept of solo traveling (Nicaragua, Barcelona, Panama, Guna Yala, and Colombia this year,) and I always knew it would be a part of my future. When I started working soon out of university, my short vacations became more and more important. While I would return from each trip feeling rejuvenated, I felt increasingly scared and incomplete. 3- 4 weeks of vacation per year? How much of the world can you really see like that? How much perspective can you gain?  

Finally, at halfway through my 20’s, I felt like I came to a point in my life where I needed to make a decision. I would save as much as I could, for as long as I could mentally stand it, then throw caution to the wind and say fuck it. 

14 months of consistent work and I got comfortable with my career and coworkers, but I never took my eyes off the prize. To be honest it really flew by. As the number in my bank account slowly increased, I began to research where I wanted to go, the concrete details of my dream, and other people doing similar things. 

 Then, after just a couple hours of searching, I came across this post:

‘A friend and I have a podcast in which we interview successful and unique outliers to society, mostly young adults. We had a dream to take our show on the road to South America. After a year of preparation we are doing so… We are searching for a travel companion that has a vested Interest in photography and/or video. Someone who would like to join us on the bus to work on their creative project and join us in ours. We very much would like to work with someone that excels in video and someone who loves travel, adventure, and experiences as much as we do’ 

I reached out and we set up some time to talk. A total of 90 minutes of conversation later, and the offer was made. The ball was in my court. Was I really going to leave my friends, my family, my career, my relationships and responsibilities to meet some strangers 3,500 miles away? I didn’t even need 5 seconds to think about it. Of course.

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 I threw everything in two bags and jumped on a plane with $10K in my account, a camera, and no expectations. I was actually half surprised when they actually opened the door to the address provided.

 I worked for about a week with Daniel and Brandon in Costa Rica, then explored Panama and Colombia solo for the next three- which were some of the most transformative couple weeks of my life.

 I learned more about myself, my dreams, and my goals in that time than I ever would have expected- I think solo travel turns you into the best version of yourself. Now with the shipping complete, I’m finishing up my time alone in Colombia, and checked into my third hostel this morning, where I write this from next to the pool. Our brief trip to Costa Rica already provided some really interesting content, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where the bus takes us. 

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